Five Vital Supplements for Women

Supplements for Woman

*Vitamin D – Immunity/Bones – The human body produces vitamin D from the sun, but most individuals don’t get enough sun or vitamin D fortified milk.  Low levels or vitamin D are linked to everything from heart attacks to risk of fractured or broken bones.  It is extremely crucial for an optimal immune system.

Suggested Dose: 2,000 IU per day

*Calcium – Bone Health – The human body’s best way to get calcium, is from the foods we eat, such as dairy products and greens.  Calcium is needed for bone health, and can improve mood.  It is known to regulate the nervous system and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Suggested Dose: 1,000 mg per day

*Magnesium – Mood, Bone Health – The human body get’s it’s magnesium from green vegetables and legumes.  It helps regulate neurotransmitters and has been known to improve mental health and insomnia.  Magnesium is a natural mineral used for anti-anxiety.

Suggested Dose: 350 mg per day

*Vitamin B – Mood, Energy – The human body can get it’s vitamin B in spinach, meat, and dairy, which is necessary for a strong immune system.  Depressive mood symptoms may manifest in a vitamin B deficiency.

Suggested Dose: B Complex

*Omega-3 – Heart/Brain Health – The human body needs essential fatty acids that are known to lower trigylcerides, reduce inflammation and improve brain health.

Suggested Dose: 250 to 500 mg per day

Please Note: Before starting a series of vitamins, please consult a physician first.  This information is not to be used to treat or diagnose any illness.

Valentina Marie: Owner of The Soul Intention, LLC, Ordained Minister, Dr. of Metaphysics, Dr. of Divinity, CMT, HHP, Reiki Master, Published Author of The Truth Within: Book of Light & Love

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