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“The sin is in the desire and the wish, not the action”

The worst kind of Adulterer is one who engages in a relationship with someone who is already married!  Men and women, single or married, engage in relationships with those who are married in hopes that the married individual will leave their spouse, breaking up sacred marriage and ruining families.  They are despised by the Lord and are a disgrace to Christ himself!  Unfortunately, I know and have experienced and observed my own father succumbing to temptation of the Harlets of Babylon.  Today, 10/19/2018, my father is cheating on my Mother and Family with Catherine M. Egan.  This women is a disgrace to humankind.  She is absolutely a lunatic and her ex husband was even granted full custody of their son, in the state of California.  She must be a psycho for California to grant full custody to a father in the state of California.  She has been cheating with my dad for over 7 years.  She calls and texts my mother, harassing her.  My dad even left my mother for Catherine in 2014-2015, with no trace.  I had just got engaged to my husband.  My father did not call and he ignored my family’s calls and texts.  My father Ghosted his own bloodline.  And now, after Catherine was a culprit in the dismissal of my father at his job for mis-conduct, almost over a year ago, using company email, time, and the work phone to commit adultery, they are doing it again.  They are both narcissist sociopaths.

There are so many people, especially so called Christians, who are not being true to themselves, their partner, or to Sacred Union or marriage.  Unfortunately, there are ‘Spiritual’ repercussions of temptation of Adultery in a sacred union or marriage.  On a metaphysical level, when anyone begins a loving relationship with another, your heart chakra is creating a sacred space of Love, Trust, protection, loyalty, honor, and security.  When you make Love or have sex with another, you a physically, psychically, and Spiritually connecting to the person.  As a result of sexual intimacy, the woman technically takes in her man; womb + man = woman, and takes on a psychic energy that the man emits.  When a man is intimate with a woman, the man opens up to her Love through the heart.  However, people are neglecting this truth and are being tempted by their carnal desires, such as lust, rather than the truth of the act of making Love.  Men and woman are connecting to each other through lust, and are making ‘Lust,’ not Love.
When a man or woman makes a commitment to be with someone in Love or Marriage, especially through vows, they are binding their Souls together in sacred love or Sacred Union.  When either man or woman allows an outside impostor, ‘human parasite,’ to tempt them, an ethereal hole is created in this sacred egg or bubble.  In this action, the invited parasite has attached itself to the relationship and has allowed ego to start a process of desecrating the sacred bond.  The Soul of the cheater and the one being cheated on, are now controlled by the ego of lust, which desecrates the secure union of the Sacred Marriage and feeds the ‘Human parasite,’ causing the turmoil from the outside.  The cheater inside the sacred bond and their ‘lustful Human parasite’ have opened the door to lower vibrational energies, ‘demons,’ into the sacred union, causing psychic attacks for the family itself, including the children, and everyone involved inside and outside the sacred relationship.

When a person gets married to another, they are making a commitment to be together in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, and until death do them part.  Marriage is a vow for life.  In a marriage, it is given that things will not always be smooth sailing between two individuals.  There will be fights, there will be arguments, and disagreements.  There will be good times and there will be bad times, and there will even be temptation from outside individuals.  There will be times in which you will just want to leave, but through the vows of Love, we must remember that Love is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine, and if anyone succumbs to temptation, they desecrate their own Spirit and everyone involved in the Sacred bond, including children.  The marriage license received from the courthouse is a binding of the marriage on Earth, the Spiritual realm, and Heaven itself.  It is a written document, by the power of your verbal vows and written word that you will be faithful, loyal, and Love each other for the rest of your ‘waking’ life.  It is a testament, vow, and commitment that you will avoid temptation at all costs.  A signed contract with your signature is binding in Heaven and on Earth.  Too many people have made remarks, “It does not mean anything to me, it’s just a piece of paper.”  Yes, it is a piece of paper, but it is a binding contract in this realm and the Spiritual Realms of Heaven.  So when people keep a secret of Adultery, confess that they have been sleeping with someone else or that they have been courting someone else, while still married,  they have desecrated the Marriage vows and lost full concept of what Love, Faithfulness, friendship, and ‘Sacred Union’  truly is.

The Lord’s tenth commandment is “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.’   In this statement, you should not want anything that is not yours for the taking, especially someone’s wife, girlfriend, partner, boyfriend or husband.  The Lord’s seventh commandment is ‘You shall not commit Adultery!’  There are no excuses or blaming someone else for your actions, knowing full well that you are breaking a Spiritual Commandment of God.  When people think with ego and desire, rather than the heart, one can be very easily influenced and tempted by their own weakness and carnal desires.  When a person succumbs to temptation, they not only hurt them self, but they also hurt all other parties involved.  Unfortunately, it is even worse for those who are married and have children, because the Adulterers are not only cheating on a partner, they are cheating on the family.   Cheaters and liars will always make excuses for their actions, or blame others, but in the eyes of Christ the Lord, they have committed an extremely terrible act against Love and the vows of ‘Sacred Union.’

When a person is married or separated and starts a relationship (emotional, sexual, Spiritual, etc.) with another, they are “Cheating!”  Constantly emailing, texting, sexting, calling, hanging out, going to lunch, or dinner, etc., is “Cheating.”  If the Adulterous acts cannot and will not stop, a divorce should be filed.  Just as a Marriage license is a binding contract, a divorce is also a Spiritual binding in Heaven and on Earth.   The Adulterer must move away from their spouse and family and wait until the ‘binding’ contract has voided the Marriage license through divorce.  Filing for a Legal Separation is not voiding the marriage; it is technically putting the Marriage on hold to try and fix and mend the issue.  Just because one files for a Legal Separation, gives no right for any of the people involved to have relationships outside of the Marriage.  The only way to void the Marriage is to get a Divorce.  That Marriage License is a binding Spiritual contract and must be voided by a Divorce.  If not, the Adulterer is selfishly causing physical, psychic, mental, and Spiritual damage to themselves, their spouse, family, and their children.

It is those who have a weak connection with Christ or a weak connection with their own heart or Higher Self, who succumb to the temptations of Ego.  It is also those Christians or ‘born again’ Christians who succumb to temptation, because they do not know the 10 Commandments or the 7 Deadly Sins.  Christ the Lord doesn’t care if you aren’t happy in your relationship.  If you aren’t happy with the one you chose to marry, then you aren’t happy with yourself.  If you can’t fix yourself, let go of those who you are hurting.  When will people realize and stop blaming others for their unhappiness?  When one can accept that it’s their own  fault, take responsibility for their lies, choices, and actions, realize that they, ‘themselves,’ are unhappy, and stop blaming other people, then they will be on the road to recovery.  One needs to take responsibility for their own choices and begin to live from the heart, rather than from the carnal mind of desire and ego.  The egotistical mind loves desire and carnal things.  It loves pleasure, touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing, talking.  Ego loves Self gratification.  We, as Human beings must allow our heart and our gut instincts to guide our choices and actions, and set our ego aside.  Christ the Lord gives us ‘Free Will,’ however, what you do and what you choose does not just affect you, it affects everything and everyone around you.  Whether Christian or not, most people have been taught what is right from wrong.  We all have an internal moral code or compass, (except for so called narcissists and sociopaths, ie: my father and Cathy M. Egan) but when one makes decisions based upon carnal pleasures, they disconnect from the power of Love completely and connect to Ego, rather than the heart of Truth.

If someone is committing an act of Adultery against their spouse or partner, they better think twice.  Karma is manifesting more quickly than you will ever comprehend.  Karma happens in this life!  Down the road, the cheater will be sitting there crying, wondering why life is throwing rocks at them, not realizing that they caused it by their own selfish choices and actions.  However, we all have the ability to change things around, even the Adulterer, if they are just honest with them self and live by Christ Jesus’s Commandments, “Love One Another,” and “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”  Cheating on someone is something that they, them self, would not want to go through, so why do they do it?  An Adulterer should not discount their actions and choices, because in actuality, no one made the choice for them; They did it their damn self!  Do cheaters think that their partner or spouse would be okay with them lying, cheating, or co-horsing with other men or women behind their back?  Probably not!!!  If the cheater/Adulterer is married, they should set their spouse free by getting a divorce.  For the sake of the Lord and the cheaters own Soul, they should not open their arms to temptation until they have severed the tie to their spouse or partner.

Fortunately, the only way for anyone to be redeemed from Adultery or cheating is to repent, ‘not commit the sin again!’  Most people do not know what the concept of repentance truly is.  Most people think that just because they are Christian and believe in Jesus Christ, that they are forgiven for their sins.  Jesus does forgive, but he only forgives those who take responsibility for the actions and do not commit the same sin over and over again.  Giving your sins to Jesus does not save you, unless you truly repent.  Otherwise, you are still just a sinner in the eyes of Christ the Lord and Jesus Christ our Savior.  Sinners cannot hide nor can they avoid the consequences for what they have done.

Any sinner, including an Adulterer must love them self fully and accept them self as they are in the moment, before they can truly Love another Human being.  If someone cheats, they don’t know how to love themself or anyone else for that matter.  If someone lies to another, they also lie to themselves, living in an illusory world.

Since we have been talking about Adultery, if anyone is a liar or cheater, it is recommended that they end any relationship, especially by divorcing the marriage, until they can get the help they need and understand what it means to truly love themselves.  People cannot go through their adult life hurting and sabotaging themselves and their relationships because they feel like something is missing in their life.  No pleasure, place, thing, or person is going to fill that empty void that they have created in their heart.  Unfortunately, the only thing missing is ‘Self-Love!’  Only Self-Love can fill the empty void that Adulterers and cheaters seek and until they can open their heart to themselves, they will constantly be seeking it outside of themselves through other people.  If a cheater cannot find Love within them self, they will never find it outside of them self.  If an Adulterer has any inkling of love in their heart for the ones they are hurting, then they should set them all free.  Divorce is the only option!  Adulterers, Cheaters, and liars, need to stop blaming others for their choices and actions, because no one makes the ‘individual’ choice to cheat, except the cheater, themselves.

If a cheater is still in Love with their partner or Spouse, they should bring the Truth to the surface.  It will either go two ways, but they have now released the shame and the guilt for doing something against their Spirit’s moral code and against the sacred bond.  Forgiveness is one of the most powerful energies and is so cleansing.  When one can forgive them self, Ego loses it’s grasping hold.  Love can conquer all things, but where there is union without Love, there will be Love without union.  Again, the act of having sex is a psychic union; it is of darkness.  The act of making love is a Spiritual union; it is of light.  We crave Love, but we also crave Christ.  In a Loving union, when two come together in sexual union, they are both connecting with Christ on a Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level.  When one allows someone else to tempt them away from the sacred union, through lust, they are now creating a “Spiritual threesome or foursome,” hurting everyone!  The Lord’s ‘Bridal chamber,’ is not made for three or four, it is made for two people who are in love.  Anything other than two is forsaking Christ the Lord, himself.

A ‘Sacred Marriage’ is two individuals coming together through the binding of the heart by the power of Love; It is when two hearts, become one through Love.  This becomes a secure and safe Sacred Union in Heaven and on Earth.  It is what we all strive for; A Loving connection with someone we can live the rest of our life with.

The 10 Commandments:
1.) You shall have no other gods before Me.
2.) You shall not make idols.
3.) You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
4.) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5.) Honor your father and your mother.
6.) You shall not murder.
7.) You shall not commit adultery.
8.) You shall not steal.
9.) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10.) You shall not covet.

The 7 Deadly Sins:
1.) Pride
2.) Envy
3.) Gluttony
4.) Lust
5.) Anger
6.) Greed
7.) Sloth

The 7 Heavenly Virtues:
1.) Humility
2.) Kindness
3.) Temperance
4.) Chastity
5.) Patience
6.) Charity
7.) Diligence

Shalom, Shlama Alakoom, Peace be with You

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HaShem Yehoshua HaMashiach ve Ruach Ha’Kodesh

4 comments on “What constitutes Adultery in a Marriage?

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  2. Mary says:

    Thank you !! so true. God bless you!!!!!!!

    1. Bless You! ✨🙏🏽✨

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