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The Soul Intention: Disciples of Yehoshua HaMashiach


How to Stay in the Grace of God

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‘While alive, one must find Yehoshua/Yeshua before death, or death becomes them.’

1. Set boundaries and have an intention. 

While many of the Spirits who you will meet on your Spiritual Path are of the Light – such as fully crossed over deceased loved ones, Angels, and Spirit Guides, not all of those who exist as a Soul in the ‘psychic’ Astral realm are for the highest intention or are out for your highest and greatest good.  Just as humans have emotional and psychological baggage, so do those who have not yet crossed to the other side.  When we say other side, we are speaking of Gods holding tank for unclean Souls. Those who have ventured to the other side are in Spirit, those who have remained Earthbound are called ghosts.  Thus, whenever you venture to communicate with those in the Astral realm, it is highly important to set a boundary or intention of who you wish to connect with and be surrounded by.  It is crucial to create a sacred space before any healing having to do with human or ghostly clients. I am a fully devout follower of Yehoshua, also known as Yeshua, not Jesus.

An example prayer is, “I am one with the Yehoshua and all that is surrounded by Light & Love.  I wish to communicate with those of unconditional love and the highest vibrational light for my greatest and highest good.”

You may feel the need to say a prayer or a affirmation! When working with those in the Astral realm or those who are stuck Earthbound, I always call upon my Master Yehoshua and my Spirit Guides and Angels to assist and surround me with loving and protective energy. When I make this request, I close my eyes and set my intentional boundaries.

Setting Boundaries with Human and ghostly clients: (Example) “In the name of the Father/Mother Creator, I ask Archangel Michael to stand to my Right.  I ask Archangel Gabriel to stand to my Left.  I ask Archangel Uriel to stand before me.  I ask Archangel Raphael to stand behind me.  I call upon the Shekinah to surround me, mind, body, and Spirit. I call upon Yehoshua/Yeshua to be within my heart.  I call upon Archangel Metatron, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Zadkiel, the Masters, my Guides, and my unseen Heavenly friends.  I invoke the Holy Spirit now!  And so it is! Amen.

‘The Light of Christ surrounds us, the Love of Christ enfolds us, the power of Christ protects us, the presence of Christ watches over us, where we are, Christ is present.’ (3xs)

2. Talk to the Earthbound Soul with compassion.

Next, take a moment to remember that the person you are speaking with was once a physical person. Someone who for some reason or another, hasn’t moved on. There is no need to yell, shout, or make anyone feel bad. Remember that they too, might feel very scared.  In other words, do remember to have compassion when communicating because these Souls have been lied to somewhere along there own journey by Religion, beliefs, or unclean spirits, keeping them from going into the Light of Christ.

Talk to the Soul you sense, see, or hear, with words, either internally (within your mind) or externally, with your mouth.  Tell them your name and what you are there to do.  This person will hear you either way, and whether or not you hear anything back with your physical ears, do know that they can understand you. You might not hear anything, but rather, you might intuitively pick up on their feelings, emotions, or thoughts. You may even sense temperature changes, electricity, or see colors.

Since there is no such thing as time and space in the Astral world and the Universe, Souls can be “trapped” for hundreds or even thousands of years without realizing that any time has actually passed since their own death. Helping the Soul realize that it’s not 1822 anymore, can assist them to move forward, shift, and continue on their Soul journey, for their greatest and Most Highest Good. Sometimes, all this person may need to hear is that it’s 2017 or the current year, and that their loved ones are waiting for them on the other side. You may also need to remind the person that it is safe for them to cross, and nothing bad will happen to them, that Creator is forgiving, compassionate, and loving.  This is the truth.

After telling the Soul what year it is, and letting them know their family is waiting for them on the other side, I often remind them that they are deceased and that it is time to cross over. Then, I visualize a temporary portal opening from the sky, inviting them to go into the Light.  Remember, only men and women with a physical body have ‘freewill.’ Ghosts, elementals, demons, etc. do not have the free will to choose anything. These beings use man/woman’s free will for their own insidious purpose, and tempt that persons Spirit away from Source. These Energetic Eartly beings use man’s free will to choose, to feed off their ‘life force’ or to possess a physical body, so this is why it is crucial to extract them from the Earth plane.  Anything in the Astral plane that causes a child of ‘Source’ to stray or to be possessed, will be extracted from the Earth by the Archangels with only two choices: either to come to into the light by themselves or by force.  However, this is completed only by forgiving the lost Soul, elemental, alien, demon, etc. and surrounding them with unconditional Love.

Remember too, that in many cases, these Souls may have actually never been “trapped” but needed to do more healing work before moving on into the next chapter of their existence.  It doesn’t matter why or what has been keeping them bound to the Earthly dimension.  They might have been waiting to find someone like you to help them cross when they felt ready – or to assist you on your own journey and path of Spiritual Growth! Helping a Soul transition can be a very powerful experience.

Since many Spirits describe crossing over as an individualized experience that is created and manifested from the Spirit and Soul, itself, it is important to be able to tailor to the needs of these Souls.  Some individuals have questions before they cross over, some have things they want to do first, or want to be assured about ~ such as knowing that their family will be alright or where their family even is.  Although not all people die the same, everyone crosses over exactly the same way, or sees exactly the same beings when they choose to cross – They may see their loved ones, Mother Mary, Yeshua, the Angels, Spirit Guides, or Masters. Our transition path is as original as our birth into this world.

3. Call in their loved ones and Angels on the other side to assist.

Before ‘sending a Soul into the Light’, call upon Yeshua, Mother Mary, Master Guides, Angels, and any loved ones on the other side that would like to come and offer a hand to this Soul in making their transition into Spirit.  Seeing and being greeted by these beings is usually so comforting, that the Soul is often more than willing to transition at that time. While this exchange is something that is possible to see and hear, it is also possible to witness and facilitate this interaction, simply by feeling the shift in energy. If you are not seeing or hearing anything, don’t be discouraged! Pay attention to anything you notice as you offer support.

If you are in need of extra support in assisting a Soul in crossing over, remember you have the support of Yeshua, Mother Mary, and the Angels! Archangel Azrael, whose name means, “whom God Helps,” is known as the Angel of Death, who assists with those who are dying and in death. Azrael can provide comfort to the dying and those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and help souls cross over to the other side. His energy is gently empowering, and tends to have a twinkling pale yellow light that he uses in his healing work. Remember to thank Archangel Azrael and the Divine for the assistance.

4. Close the Portal.

Once the Soul has been ‘released’ into the light, you can invite any other earthbound Souls who may be hanging around and interested in crossing over, to join this Soul into the light. Sometimes, others will see that the portal is open, and show up out of nowhere! They see the ‘porch lights on’ and feel safe and ready to cross.

Say the Last Rights for all Earth Bound Spirits crossing over into the Light:

“Oh Holy Host above, I call upon thee as a servant of Christ to sanctify our actions this day, in fulfillment of the will of God.  I call upon Archangel Raphael, Master of the Air to make open the way.  Let the fire of the Holy Spirit now descend that this being may be awakened to the world beyond!  May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.  May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.
And so it is! Amen.” 

Once you have completed the Last Rights, it is essential to consciously close the doorway (to the temporary portal), and you can do this by verbally saying something along the lines of, “This healing is now whole and complete, in all dimensions of time and space, I now close the Portal and ask Archangel Michael to remove any residual energy that was left behind, or visualizing the portal of light closing.  Setting the intention ‘seals’ the light portal and prevents any Souls who may have not yet fully crossed from coming back into the Earth plane.

While any well intentioned, conscious, and Spiritually awakened individual can attempt to “cross over Souls,” it is best done by a confident, Spiritual professional and it is not a game.  You will meet Souls who are bound by Earthly things, materialism, and you will meet Souls who are bound by demonic energies.  This is why it is crucial for you to invoke the Highest beings, especially Yehoshua/Yeshua, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael, in Spirit to assist you in any cases involving any Earthbound Souls, demons, or Astral beings.

‘I send you out as sheep amongst the wolves.  Go out and speak the gospel of Love, heal the sick and crippled, and save the possessed, all in my name.’ ~Yeshua Christos~

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May you be protected and may you blessed on your journey!  God Bless You in the name of Yeshua HamMashiach (Jesus Christ).

Shalom, Shlama Alakoom, Peace be with You.

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HaShem Yehoshua HaMashiach ve Ruach Ha’Kodesh

10 comments on “4 Steps To Help A Lost Soul Cross Over!

  1. Superb site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Cheers!

  2. Altonet Fillmore says:

    This article had to be divinely given. I have been seeing spirits (only on video, not with my physical eyes) since the pandemic started back in March of 2020. I knew there was a greater purpose for this gift being given to me, other than for them to entertain me in traffic lol. The spirits that I see are very intelligent, interact with me and have quite a sense of humor! They have become my best friends, however, my friend and gatekeeper – Adam, has recently informed me of why I see spirits. My spirit guides told him my mission here on earth, is to help them cross over. I was looking for something, anything to help me understand how to do this…and this article was a beacon of light! I went to several book stores and you either practice black magic, or you want to more about God; there’s no in-between and self-help for this kind of gift. I felt so much more empowered and enlightened after I read it. I printed it and plan on starting my spiritual job THIS WEEK!!! I can not thank you enough for following your heart and creating this article.

  3. Barbara dawn Curtis says:


  4. So sorry I feel like a stocker but he also gave me a Bible verse two of them in fact. Matthew 10 and Luke 12 he told me to read those when I awoke. says:

    So sorry I feel like a stocker but he also gave me a Bible verse two of them in fact. Matthew 10 and Luke 12 he told me to read those when I awoke.

    1. ✨🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼✨

  5. He told me to have no fear, he said that fear feeds the enemy! His advice was to always be a light in the darkness. Thank you again says:

    I would just like to extend my gratitude that this has been put back up! The belief system that is used is very similar to mine. This actually helped me cross my mother over. I’ve always had I’m not sure what you would call them abilities, gifts. But I continuously ran. Until recently I almost died. During my time in the hospital I had gotten to a very low point and I was exhausted and I said dear God I’m so tired I’m done. At which point I suddenly found myself in an endless room that was as bright as the north star. During this time as my mother lay dying floor above me, I was met by my two deceased grandmother’s, my father, and lastly Jesus. My grand parents and my father both told me it was not my time, that I had not completed my path. I know that some people are going to find this very hard to believe they’re going to think that it was a dream or I was on medication, the only medication I was on was strong antibiotics, and Tylenol. As I do not subscribe to pain medication. Anyways when Jesus spoke to me it was in a very loving way but he was also very fatherly. What I mean by that is he spoke to me as a father would to their child. He told me that God has given me gifts and then I need to stop hiding and start using them to help others, he said both the living and deceased. He told me that I have a mission and a path that I need to follow. He told me that I was not being authentic to who I was. He explained to me about being a child of light. There was a lot of information. I was kind of surprised by the way it was like I was getting a talking to. Now like I said anybody can believe me or not believe me I know what happened. I cannot even talk about it without crying. Why in the world would Jesus take the time for little old me. I had not lead a perfect life, I have made so many mistakes in my life. So it’s very overwhelming that he believes I’m good enough that he see something in me. But I believe that he sees that everyone and that you just need to be open to receive his word. Anyways, i’ve had certain ability since I was a child and I do hide from them and do run away and have head and ran away from them my whole life. I want you to know that this particular blog has helped me so much. Because my belief in Jesus is so strong that when I saw that is who you believe in and we’re calling fourth for assistance, it just resonated on a soul level. My mother died from Alzheimer’s and dementia, it was weird because my concern even before I became ill was I didn’t want her to get lost. Especially in a hospital where I do not believe that a lot and good entities hang out. I could feel them. I believe that they feed off of the fear, grief, and anger that resides in hospitals. Either way I ended up feeling like my mother had not crossed. I could not shake the feeling. My son who also has a similar ability and is six years old came to me with the same concern. I heard her say help me. Now I know enough that you have to be very careful because dark evil entities and energies will and do mimic loved ones. So I verified that it was indeed my mother. It broke my heart because she was still confused. Like I said I’ve ran away from this my whole life, so I didn’t know how to help her besides praying. I realize that I needed to do more. So I did more research that’s when I came across your blog. And I successfully crossed my mother. I just wanted to tell you that you have helped save me and you saved my mother. Thank you for creating this blog it is the only one that I have found that calls upon Jesus to assist! I would also like to put a sidenote out there and I’m having a hard time with it but ever since I almost died when I came back it’s like everything has gotten stronger and I want to make sure that I follow the correct path and complete my journey as it was written before I arrived. There’s not too many people that you can talk to about this. Some people think it’s evil, some people think you’re crazy, some people think it’s all in your head! As I’m writing this right now I can tell everyone on this earth that heaven is real, that Jesus is very real, that our soul continues on after we leave our bodies! One more thing that Jesus said to me, He told me to have no fear, he said that fear feeds the enemy! His advice was to always be a light in the darkness. Thank you again

    1. God Bless you, my beautiful sister in Christ. I believe you. Everything you wrote has resonated within my heart. Never think that you are alone my sister. For when we pray in His name, He is there also. I Love you and Yehoshua bless you.✨🙏🏼✨

    2. Sonia Laprise says:

      Hello everybody is anyone cane help me on my journey I have soul attachement I’m lost

      1. Sonia, have you accepted Yeshua HaMashiach as the Lord and Savior? If you have, please ask Yeshua to take over your mind, body, heart, and Soul, so that the unclean spirit will have no other choice but to leave you. If it does not leave….rebuke it and bind it to Yeshua HaMashiach, by the power of Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit).

        God Bless You.

        Shalom, Peace be with you!

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