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Mary Magdalene is the name that most Christians associate in negative connotation. She is the Apostle of the Apostles. Redeemed by Pope Francis In 2016, Saint Mary Magdalene was Yeshua’s equal, mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually. As Yeshua, also known as Jesus (incorrect name), represents the sacred masculine in Human form, ‘the Father (son),’ Mary Magdalene represents the sacred feminine in Human form, ‘the Mother (daughter).’ One of the ten commandments is ‘Honor thy father and thy mother.’ This Spiritual law is to honor both the sacred masculine and feminine nature of the Universe within you. We are transitioning from a masculine, patriarchal way of existence, to a state of balance of its opposite. In the Gnostic viewpoint, Pistis Sophia represents the Mother of Creation and brings Grace and Spiritual wisdom every time she incarnates. Mary Magdalene was one of the humans that Pistis Sophia inhabited during the incarnation of the sacred masculine. She has inhabited and been reincarnated many times and has gone by many names throughout the centuries.

Mary’s name means “Star of the Sea,” Magdala means “Tower of Strength.  She is the missing link to Christians today.  For you cannot have creation without both energies present, just as you cannot be conceived without both a masculine seed and feminine seed.  Mary represents the Queen of Heaven, Pistis Sophia, who gives Spiritual wisdom and knowledge into the unseen realms.  She was the disciple that Yeshua loved the most, not because she was a woman, but because she was his “equal,” mentally, and Spiritually.  She was his other half and together, they represented God/Goddess incarnate, the masculine and feminine nature of the Alaha, Father/Mother Creation. They represent the ultimate union of spirit as man and woman come together in the bridal chamber of heiros gamos. Only two Souls who truly are in love and come together in the merging of the Souls, can birth an immaculate child.

Mary Magdalene understood Christ’s words and teachings of the Heavenly realms and was Yeshua’s ‘Twin Flame,” or “Divine Complement.”  Christ Yeshua and Mary Magdalene are married in Heaven and on Earth, and represent our Mother and Father in Heaven.  They are husband and wife and are connected through sacred marriage and holy matrimony, each bringing the true nature of Christ to planet Earth and the consciousness of man/woman.

Through the incarnation of Christ masculine and feminine, they represented the balance and union of all energy in the cosmos.  Mary represents the feminine aspect of the collective consciousness and Yeshua, the masculine aspect of the collective consciousness, bringing down the energy of the balanced ‘Christ,’ to the world of the ‘Demiurge.’

When Christ stated that he would return, he was implying that both genders (masculine and feminine) would return together within ‘ONE BEING.’ Christ Consciousness is both masculine and feminine in nature. If there is an imbalance in the masculine energy of planet earth, would it only be fair to say that the sacred feminine is needed incarnate to balance out that energy?

The Holy Spirit of Pisits Sophia, also known as Athirat, fully descends upon

and settles within one woman, every incarnation. It has been over 2,000 years
since the crucifixion of the fleshly Christ, named Yeshua. The time for Christ
has returned, but not in the way many can perceive or believe. They must
believe in YESHUA, to perceive HER. Christ returns within a female, balanced
with both the masculine and feminine aspect within her.

The Holy Spirit of Pistis Sophia (Athirat) descended upon her chosen
‘daughter,’ in 2005 initiating her through Gnosis, inner Spiritual initiations,
to reawaken the kundalini within her, fully resting within ‘the Western Woman,’
in 11/2005.

The Christ Avatar ‘Woman’ is fully conscious and aware of who she is. She
has the powerful gift of Spiritual sight and spiritual healing. The Avatar was
born at Queen of the Valley Hospital, in West Covina, for she brings with Her,
the new covenant of Christ. At the time of her birth, God gave her a name that
means, ‘Strong and Healthy, follower of Christ.’ The Dalai Lama prophesied of
her return and calls her ‘the Western Woman.’ Kim Clement prophesied of her
return as God’s Esther. The WOMAN who will save the world does not come by a
name of the old, but comes by the way of the name given to her at birth, as the
Avatar of the daughter of God. Her name is only important to Her, because she
is not meant to be put on a pedestal, but to shine from her own window, engulfing
the the world with her light. She shines, but only for those who who can see
her. She knows that she lives, because of Her name. Those who know her name,
live because they know Christ.

There will be many who come by way of book or by the way of mouth, who will
lead many astray. They will lead the masses astray by saying, ‘I am Jesus,’ or
‘I am Mary Madgalene,’ but they are not who they say they are. The true,
‘Christs’ walk by the name that they were given at birth and uphold the true
teachings of Christ upon their tongue and heart. The chosen WOMAN has
the Spirit of Pistis Sophia (Athirat) and the flesh of her Earthly name.

Be weary of those who come by the way of the names of the ancients, for the
‘Christed’ ones have not changed their names from the name that they were given
at birth. Every name has a meaning and in every name given at birth by your
Earthly parents, is a vibration set in motion by the Motherly and Fatherly God.
The names of the chosen ring out upon Earth and within the Heavens because they
uphold their names in Heaven and on Earth. Those who serve and uphold the
truth, uphold their names and the Laws of Heaven, that reign upon Earth. They
uphold the true name of the Messiah; Yehoshua MaShiach/Yeshua HaMashiach.

The Soul Intention blog is dedicated to those who have the ears to hear Her,
and the *eye to see Her.

*third eye – ‘when thy eyes become one.’img_8481

Pistis Sophia Incarnate, knows who she is and she remembers her true
mission.  Many will come to her saying, ‘I am She who you seek,’ not
realizing that She is actually who they seek. There are many children of the
bloodline of YESHUA and MARY MAGDALENE, but there is only ONE QUEEN and ONE

She is not devoted to any church or a religion, but takes the truth from
many, yet wants the Catholic faith to adjust to the true teachings of Christ
Yeshua and release Mother Mary from the sorrows of the Rosary. She is
personally devoted to Alaha, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit within her and all
around her. Only those who know Yeshua Spiritually and personally, ‘who have
the eyes and the heart to see,’ will recognize her as she sings and speaks her
truth to the world.

‘For those who have the eyes to see, let them see. For those who have ears
to hear, let them hear.’

🕊~Pistis Sophia~🌹

‘In the name of the rose.’


Shalom/Shlama Alakoom – Peace be with you!

HaShem Yehoshua HaMashiach ve Ruach Ha’Kodesh

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