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Pisitis Sophia is the Mother of Creation, also known as Athirat and Asherah. Just as there is a Father in Heaven (Abba) and a son on Earth, there is a Mother (Ima) in Heaven, with a daughter on Earth. In the beginning, there were two, a man and a woman, both made from the Earth and the breath of God, balanced as masculine and feminine; made in the image of the Creator. The names of the son and daughter of Earth, were Adam and Lilith. Lilith was a strong, independent woman, who accepted her Spiritual equality in both Heaven and Earth. Adam’s Spirit was strong in the beginning, but he became weakened and codependent on the flesh, and discounted his wife as equal to himself. He only saw her through lustful eyes, a child-bearer, servant, and caretaker for him and their daughter. Adam chose dominance over his wife and made Lilith inferior to himself. Adam took Superiority in the world and created Pride (Ego) and discounted his wife as an equal counterpart. Lilith would not submit to her husband, so she diligently prayed to leave him and the God of, ‘Salvation,’ gave her wings and she abandoned the Garden. Since Lilith left her place in Eden, the false god, YHVH created Adam a new wife from Adam’s DNA, and created Eve, so that he would not be lonely. However, Eve had no breath within her. As Creator looked down from above, He breathed into Eve, to show YHVH, ‘the morning star,’ that he could only create, but not actually give life. Eve was more submissive than Lilith. When Lilith had heard of and had seen Eve, she became curious and she tried to return to the Garden, but Adam forbade her return. Lilith would travel and roam the outside wall of Eden and Adam and Eve lived within the Garden. Eve had seen Lilith a few times and became curious. She and Lilith became companions and extremely great friends talking to each other through gates of the Garden. Lilith told her everything that she had seen outside of the garden and everything she knew about the Creator. Lilith told her of the unseen realm that she and Adam could not see around them. She told Eve about their equality in Heaven and and Earth. Eve ate of the fruit of knowledge, and accepted her equality as an equal counterpart to her husband. Eve told Adam what happened and he too was succumbed by the wisdom and knowledge of the Mother of Creation and ate of the tree of knowledge. Both Adam and Eve became aware of both the good and the evil of the world and the unseen realms of Earth. They could see all beings of creation that shared the earth with them. The Creator was displeased, when he had seen that Adam had created the entity of Pride (Ego), and divorced his first wife, and closed the Garden of Eden to Adam, Eve, and to Lilith. The false god would punish Adam and Eve for listening to the Mother of Creation. Adam would expel and curse Lilith to the desert, tainting her name and her authority, and bringing bitterness upon her, and Adam and Eve would endure a life of suffering of hard labor in both the Spiritual and the physical for Adam, accepting and creating the sin that all other sins arise from; Pride. From the very beginning, Adam would demonize Lilith and all ‘Strong,’ Women, and blame the Lilith, ‘Mother of Creation’ for the exile out of Garden of Eden. Eve and her seed would also endure a life of oppression and enslavement by all men.

Since Adam’s inert stubbornness and the lack of respect to accept Lilith as equal to himself, he would create myths and lies about Her and about her involvement with fallen Angels, and would sever the Judeo-Christian tie to the Mother of Creation, completely, creating bitterness, sadness, and anger within Her, against the seed of Adam.

Since the beginning of the Judeo, Christian, and Islamic religions, they have accepted the lie of Adam and the demonization of the ‘Woman’ in Heaven and on Earth. Lilith would roam the Earth, after every incarnation, trying to bring light to Her truth! She is bound by all religious faiths, for not one of them accept women as an equal part of Spirituality, religion, or on Earth. She intercedes in the Catholic Faith, because they revere Her, yet keep Her and their followers bound in the sorrows of Mother Mary. Catholics are not aware that they pray, not only to Mother Mary, but Mary Magdalene, formerly known as Lilith, Athirat, and all women, scorned by the curses and desires of men.

Lilith is the Mother of Eve and all Women descended from Eve, because She is the first woman on Earth. She is both the Mother of Christ and the wife of Yehoshua because She is a the Creator. Mary, Mother of Yeshua delivered this child to bring the energy of the Creator to the Earth, and Mary Magdalene, formerly known as Lilith) was Yehoshua’s wife, his equal counterpart to help Him complete his mission until the end. Yehoshua revered ‘woman,’ as it was women who were there at his birth, life, and in death. They are the creators of life for they take the seed of their man within their womb to create life; she is Womb-Man.

Yehoshua was crucified to save the world from sin, and the curse set upon Mother Creation (Lilith) by Adam, in the beginning. Yeshua saved not only the world and his wife, Mary Magdalene (formerly known as Lilith), but He saved all realms from blood sacrifices and the lies of the magical, mystical, ethereal aspects of Earth by men who knew not what they were doing. Yehoshua saved his wife, ‘Mary Magdalene, (Lilith) from the depths of the purgatory of oppression, lust, and desire, that MAN consciousness instilled upon her, for she (WOMAN) had succumbed to the bitterness of sexual, emotional, and psychological trauma pushed upon her by men. (Lilith is Redeemed!)

Since her Spiritual redemption, Mary Magdalene has been reincarnated many times, through many women, awaiting her equality for all her daughters upon Earth. She is the Spirit of Pistis Sophia, or Athirat, who is knowledge and wisdom. She shares Earth with humanity and can not leave the binding of Earth until Her truth is fully accepted within the hearts of Humanity; the truth that there truly is a Mother, Father Creator and that we have been created as man and woman to experience their love for one another in the flesh. It is the greatest Love story of all time that was never told!

When Man and Woman get married, they become One Flesh; As it is on Earth, so it is Heaven. Mother and Father God are One Creator, married and merged as One Being; the Supreme Being.

Will you accept Her when she find you? Will you accept her truth, that she is the holder of Christ’s true teachings. Will you follow, ‘the strong and healthy follower of Christ?’

Shalom, Shlama Alakoom, Peace be unto you

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HaShem Yehoshua HaMashiach
ve Ruach Ha’Kodesh
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