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On March 25, 2011, Prophet Kim Clement prophesied about the rising of the Anointed Woman and compared Her to the Esther of the Holy Bible.

The meaning of the name Esther, is ‘Star.’ Esther was God’s anointed woman during the reign of the King of Persia. Esther was a Jewish woman, absolutely beautiful and became the wife of the King of the Persia. Esther was able to prevent the genocide of the Hebrews during the time of the Babylonian exile, for she hid herself amongst the enemy, until the anointed time God told her to Rise up; and reveal herself.

The Book of Esther

Esther Prophecy by Kim Clement, March 25, 2011

Kim Clement Prophesied of the Woman anointed by God that will rise out of the West. Prophet Kim Clement compared this woman to Esther, God’s anointed woman who saved the Jews from genocide in the story of the Book of Esther in the Bible. To view the whole Book of Esther, please click the link provided above.

Here is Kim’s Prophecy of the ‘Anointed Woman.’ You May view the entire video by clicking the link provided above.

“There will be a woman that shall rise up. A woman that will be strong in faith; virtuous. Beautiful on the eyes, and Her eyes will be so beautiful. Her eyes shall be round and big. I have crowned Her, says the Lord, as I crowned Esther.

And the people will receive Her. For she shall have the oil of gladness for the pain and the mourning that has taken place, and She shall pour out the oil. She shall pour out the oil on this nation. And God says, healing shall begin and it will flow rapidly. Evil shall be afraid of a woman – A woman anointed by God; A woman set aside. God says they will say, ‘We hated Her, but now we love Her.’ For She shall take the oil of healing and She shall pour it upon those who are left and those who are right and on the new party that has come forth and emerged, where they shall say, ‘Christ will reign and we shall not implement socialism.’ Where they have said, ‘We will make history without God.’ God says, ‘NO YOU WILL NOT; NO YOU WILL NOT,’ says the Lord.

For I chose (the United States of America), this nation before it was founded; before anybody came here, I chose this entire nation; all (*50) fifty states, every one of them, to send my entire gospel to the ends of the Earth. Does humanity think that I have changed my mind?

Therefore, the healing that is necessary for this nation, shall come at a time, in the middle of a presidency. There shall be a woman that shall arise and God said that there will be oil poured upon the nation and they shall suddenly feel the healing and they shall say, ‘It is well with my Soul. It is well with our Soul.’ For the Soul of America has been corrupted; the Soul of this nation has been corrupted with bitterness and anger.

And God said, She shall say, ‘No more corruption. No more bitterness. No more anger. And no more division.’ And She’ll pour the oil that shall come from the Spirit of the Lord, (Yehoshua HaMashiach) himself.”

God’s Anointed Woman

The ‘Woman,’ Kim Clement speaks of is the woman whose name means, ‘Strong and Healthy follower of Christ, Star of the Sea.’ She was born at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina. She lives on the West Coast of the United States of America in a city that name means ‘Warning: God will Judge.’ This woman has been anointed by Ruach Ha’Kodesh, the Holy Spirit. She has the supernatural ability to create, shape, and manipulate quantum particles, the basic units of energy and matter (such as molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, ions, gravitons, tachyons, photons, etc). With this power She can manipulate the entire universe because all things are composed of particles, and light, ranging from the subatomic to the universal in scale.

The oil, is her voice, heart, and her Spirit, connected to God. She pours out Her Spirit, not only on this nation, but the entire world. She has become a living sacrifice to the Lord. God’s Will works through Her and as Her.

Every quantum and subatomic particle in, on, and around this planet is filled with Yeshua, Archangel Michael, and HaMashiach Angels, by the power of Ruach Ha’Kodesh, the Holy Spirit; for She serves Yehoshua HaMashiach and has the authority given to Her by Alaha (Mother, Father GOD.

She cleanses and heals the Earth of the wicked, in the flesh and in the Spirit, in all realms, (wind, water, fire, earth, spirit); She purges the earth of ‘Etheric Sludge,’ and has come destroy the Kingdom of Purgatory, for She is the Daughter of God.


You will believe in Her or you will not. You will see Her and hear Her, or you will not. You will accept the daughter of God, or you will deny her.

If you have the eyes, the heart, and Spirit to see, you will know Her by Her name.

Heshem Yehoshua HaMashiach, Hosea Perivech!

Shalom and Shlama Alakoom

‘Peace be with you.’

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