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The Soul Intention: Disciples of Yehoshua HaMashiach


How to Stay in the Grace of God

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“10 Yehoshua called his Apostles/disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.” (Matthew 10)

What is Deliverance

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Deliverance is the act of liberating or rescuing someone or something, or it is a state of being.

Spiritual Deliverance, is the act of being rescued or liberated from unseen spirits or demonic oppression and bondage, in the name of our Lord, Yehoshua HaMashiach.

Spiritual Oppression and Bondage

Spiritual oppression and bondage is another way of saying ‘possession,’ has occurred within an individual, and that individual is living an actual hell on earth in their daily life and activities, governed by an unclean spirit or demon. Human possession can occur because that individual lives a life sin (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth), and is under the influence of the demon and cannot break free from its shackles, no matter how hard the individual tries to break free.

Many Christians today do not understand the supernatural life and cannot comprehend the spiritual aspect of Yehoshua HaMashiach’s teachings or miracles in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Christians do not understand the 12 Laws of God that keep them in moral standing with the Holy Spirit, Yehoshua, and God, and go their own way, creating unreasonable laws and committing new sins that are atrocious to God. Humankind just cannot accept the reality of the unseen and have become pawns in the realm of the unclean spiritual world.

Signs of Spiritual Bondage and Oppression

To understand the following, you must be acquainted with the Ten Commandments of Moses (Exodus 20) and the Two Commands of Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ (Matthew 22:37-40), and must be aquatinted with the knowledge of both sin and virtue. (Please click to view)

1.) You worship other gods and not the Creator. The Creator is both masculine and feminine, married and merged together into One flesh.

2) You have created for yourself an idol to worship. Idols can be anything man made (ie statue), or another person (ie Kobe Bryant) that an individual worships or idolizes.

3.) You have taken the Lord’s name in vain. The Lord’s name is Yehoshua/Yeshua/Jesus/Joshua. Many people from all nations use ‘Jesus Christ,’ as a derogatory term and dishonor His name unconsciously.

4.) You honor Sunday and not the Sabbath, Saturday.

5.) You do not honor both Mother and Father. When man and woman come together in marriage, they become one flesh. God is both Mother and Father, married and merged as One Being. Unfortunately, most religions today glorify the Father (Man) and condemn the Mother (Woman).

6.) You have murdered either in the flesh or by spirit. There are two different types of murder; 1) murder of life 2) murder by thought. Killing a human being is against the law by man and by God. But, many do not realize that. murder of a Soul can occur by ill will and wicked thoughts. Many of us have judged another, not realizing that through our negative thoughts, we are harming ourselves and another individual in spirit. Yeshua states that the word and thoughts are power, but many Christians discount this saying and judge one another by their words and their thoughts.

7.) You have committed adultery. Adultery occurs when a person, (committed to another or married), begins an emotional or physical relationship, with someone else. Adultery can occur both in thought and action. Lustful thoughts about another person, out of the marriage, is also adultery.

8.) You have stolen something from someone or somewhere. Many people take things or items that do not belong to them without remorse. Some people steal by force and harm others and their property and some people steal covertly.

9.) You have lied about your life, about someone or something. Lying is the devils language. The devil is the Father of lies and if you lie, you are of your father the devil.

10.) You covet/want and desire people, places, or things, that are not yours to want or desire.

11) You are prideful, boastful, chauvinistic, cocky, vain.

12) You are jealous and envious of others.

13.) You are a glutton and take more than is necessary. You are a hoarder.

14.) You have an overactive or perverted sexual life, through masturbation, sodemy, or sexual encounters with many partners. You are a pedophile or a rapist.

15.) You opt love for fury and anger. You are easily irritated or quick to anger. You raise your voice continually, use obscenities, and are judge mental. You are emotionally, physically, or psychologically abusive.

16.) You are greedy and not generous to those in need. You hoard your money and take more than is necessary.

17.) You do not exercise or participate in physical activity. You are overweight and have an over active desire to eat more than is necessary. You are unmotivated and lack the capability to follow through with tasks. You do not have a Spiritual life in Christ Yehoshua.

18.) You have physical ailments, such as chronic pain, illness, disease, have mental disturbances or anxiety, you cannot quite your mind, unable to sleep, unmotivated, or have suicidal thoughts, or lack purpose or intention in your life.

How to be Delivered

Breaking the powers of evil in your life only comes from accepting Lord Yeshua as your Savior. Yehoshua/Yeshua is the literal meaning of ‘Salvation,’ in both Hebrew and Ancient Aramaic, the language of the Messiah. You must be willing to let go of everything that has kept you bound to evil in your life. Generational curses are common, and are held within the DNA and bloodline of generations of a physical family and have a stronghold on the generations of families living today.

It is imperative that we break the powers of evil and witchcraft in our life, because these are the things that feed the realm of demons and unclean spirits. Sin and disobeying the Laws of Moses create an ethereal door for the impure spirits and demons to enter.

How do you stay delivered after being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit? Click if you have the eyes to see and the hears to hear, let them see and hear.✨🙏🏼✨

If you think you may have a spirit attachment or demon and are in need of help, please contact us to inquire about a Private Session for Deliverance in Yeshua HaMashiach, via Zoom, if you are in another state/country, or city, more than 20 miles from Orange County, CA.

You are not alone. The Supernatural life in Christ/HaMashiach is real, just as and the Paranormal, psychic oppressive life of the devil is real. Spiritual bondage and oppression is real. Christ Yeshua gave his Apostles and disciples the power to drive out impure spirits and demons and to heal the sick and helpless in His name. We are the Disciples of Yeshua HaMashiach!💪🏼

Shalom/Shlama Alakoom/Peace be unto You

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HaShem Yehoshua HaMashiach
ve Ruach Ha’Kodesh
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