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I’d like to tell you the story about my husband’s 30th Birthday, 8 years ago in Las Vegas, ‘Sin City.’ We went to David Copperfield’s Show, the “greatest illusionist of our time.”

I remember sitting next to my father-in-law and my husband, looking up at the Butterfly that Mr. Copperfield magically appeared before our very eyes. I looked at it and said in my head ‘God, if this is real, give me a sign,’ and I laughed. Magic isn’t necessary real, but I believe that the power of both illusion and thought are quantum.

When the last act began, Copperfield was throwing a ball around to music to pick members of the audience to participate in the act, and the ball stopped. I was relieved because I did not receive the ball. I looked at my father-in-law, I looked at Copperfield and than he pointed at the performance helper and then at me and she said, ‘You go up!’ It was like a slow motion movie! I was terrified!!! Coincidence? Synchronicity? Answer to my prayer?

My husband’s family had to convince me to go up on stage! I was wearing high heels and as I walked up to the stage, he put out his hand to help me up the stairs; I politely gave him my hand and he pulled me up as he looked directly into my eyes, as if he had heard my prayer!

Why I am saying this, is that the power of thought is quantum in nature. People talk about God, but God is Source and quantum in nature; it’s an ‘all mind,’ if you might say. Sin is quantum in nature, and mankind has strayed away from morality and accepted sin (pride, envy/jealousy, gluttony, lust/perversion, anger, greed, and sloth), which is quantum in nature and connected to the thoughts, choices, and actions of mankind.

I always considered Las Vegas, ‘Sin City,’ and when I prayed at Copperfield’s Show, I was referring to the deception of mankind’s human nature from morality (humility, kindness, moderation, discernment, patience, generosity/charity, diligence, and love) to immorality through the illusion of sin.

Mankind has lost sight of what it is to be Human; Moral, Kind, and Loving because collectively mankind/womankind have lost sight of their true nature and have become animalistic; their minds have been possessed by sin.

I am not necessarily religious, but spiritual.

I live by strict moral code:

(Exodus 20:1-17 and Matthew 22:37-40)

Humility extinguishes pride/vanity.

Kindness extinguishes envy/jealousy.

Temperance/Moderation extinguish gluttony.

Diligence/Chastity extinguish lust/perversion.

Patience extinguishes anger.

Generosity/Charity extinguish greed.

Diligence/Spirituality extinguish sloth.

With an inner moral code, humankind tends to realize the moment that they have sinned or ‘missed the mark,’ and they choose to forgive themselves and repent quickly! In self awareness, you realize that your thoughts, words, and actions have a quantum reality and can raise up or bring down the consciousness of mankind. In self-awareness, you choose to be more cautious with your thoughts, words, and actions because you realize that everything is energy and that we are all connected through the power of mankind’s conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Shlama Alakoom, Shalom, Peace be with You!

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