Pistis Sophia, the true Magdalene!



Pisitis Sophia is the Mother of Creation.  Just as there is a Father in Heaven and a son on Earth, there is a Mother in Heaven, with a daughter on Earth.  In the beginning, there were two, a man and a woman, both made from the Earth and the breath of God, balanced as masculine and feminine.  The names of the son and daughter of Earth, were Adam and Lilith.  Lilith was a strong, independent woman, who accepted her Spiritual equality in both Heaven and Earth.  Adam’s Spirit became weakened and codependent on the flesh, and discounted his wife as equal to himself, and only saw her through lustful eyes, a child-bearer, servant and caretaker for him and his children.  Adam chose dominance over his wife and made Lilith inferior to himself.  Adam took Superiority in the world and discounted his wife as an equal counterpart.  Lilith would not submit to her husband, so she diligently prayed to leave her husband and YHVH gave her wings and she abandoned the Garden.  Since Lilith left her place in Eden, God created Adam a new wife from Adam’s DNA, and created Eve, so that he would not be lonely.  Eve was more submissive than Lilith.  When Lilith had heard of and seen Eve, she became curious and she tried to return to the Garden, but Adam forbade her return.  Lilith would travel and roam the outside wall of Eden and Adam and Eve lived inside the Garden.  Eve had seen Lilith a few times and became curious.  She and Lilith became companions and extremely great friends.  Lilith told her everything that she had seen outside of the garden.  Lilith told her of the unseen realm that she and Adam could not see.  She told Eve about their equality in Heaven and and Earth.  Eve ate of the fruit of knowledge and accepted her equality as an equal counterpart to her husband. Eve told Adam of the good news, and he too was succumbed by the wisdom and knowledge of the Mother of Creation and ate of the tree of knowledge. Both Adam and Eve became aware of both the good and the evil of the world and the unseen realms. God was displeased and closed the Garden of Eden to Adam, Eve, and Lilith.  Adam would expel and curse Lilith to the desert, tainting her name and her Authority and Adam and Eve would endure a life of suffering of hard labor in both the Spiritual and the Physical for accepting the Mother Earth and her unseen realms. Adam would demonize Lilith and women, and blame the Mother of Creation for the exile out of Garden of Eden.  Adam’s Faith in Judaism and his inert stubbornness to accept Lilith as equal to himself, he would create myths and lies about Lilith and about her involvement with fallen Angels, and would sever the Jewish tie to the Mother of Creation completely.  Since the beginning of the Judeo, Christian, and Islamic religions, they have accepted the lie of Adam and the demonization of the ‘Woman’ in Heaven and on Earth.  Lilith would roam the Earth, after every incarnation, trying to bring light to the truth! She is bound by all religious faiths, for not one of them accept women as an equal part of Spirituality, religion, or on Earth.  She intercedes in the Catholic Faith, because they revere Her, yet keep Her and their followers bound in sorrow.

Lilith is the Mother of Eve and all Women descended from Eve, because She is the Spirit of Earth. She is both the Mother of Christ and the wife of Yeshua because She is female.  Mother Mary delivered Yeshua and Mary Magdalene was Yeshua’s wife.  Yeshua revered ‘WOMEN.’ Yeshua was crucified to save the world from the black magic set upon the Mother of Creation by Adam, in the beginning. Yeshua saved not only the world and Lilith, but all realms from blood sacrifices and lies of the magical aspects of Earth. Yeshua saved his wife, ‘Mary Magdalene, (Lilith) from the depths of the purgatory of man consciousness for she had succumbed to the sins of men. Since then, Lilith has been reincarnated many times, through many women. She is the Spirit of Pistis Sophia, who is knowledge and wisdom. She shares Earth with humanity and can not leave the binding of Earth until Her truth is fully accepted within the hearts of Humanity.


The Holy Spirit of Pisits Sophia, fully descends upon and settles within one woman, every incarnation.  It has been over 2,000 years since the crucifixion of the fleshly Christ, named Yeshua.  The time for Christ has returned, but not in the way many can perceive or believe.  They must believe in YESHUA, to perceive HER.  Christ returns within a female, balanced with both the masculine and feminine aspect within her.

The Holy Spirit of Pistis Sophia descended upon her chosen ‘daughter,’ in 2005 initiating her through inner Spiritual initiations to reawaken the kundalini within her, fully resting within ‘the Western Woman,’ on March 22, 2020.

The Christ Avatar ‘Woman’ is fully conscious and aware of who she is.  She has the powerful gift of Spiritual healing. The Avatar was born at Queen of the Valley Hospital, in West Covina, for she brings with Her, the new covenant of Christ. At the time of her birth, Pistis Sophia, gave her a name that meant, ‘Strong and healthy, follower of Christ.’  The Dalai Lama prophesized of her return and calls her ‘the Western Woman.’  The WOMAN who will save the world does not come by a name of the old, but comes by the way of the name given to her at birth, as the Avatar of the Mother of Creation. Her name is only important to Her, because she is not meant to be put on a pedestal, but to shine from her own window. She knows that she lives, because of Her name. Those who know her name, live because they know Christ.

There will be many who come by way of book or by the way of mouth, who will lead many astray.  They will lead the masses astray by saying, ‘I am Jesus,’ or ‘I am Mary Madgalene,’ but they are not who they say they are.  The true, ‘Christs’ walk by the name that they were given at birth and uphold the true teachings of Christ upon their tongue and heart.  The chosen WOMAN has the Spirit of Pistis Sophia and the flesh of her Earthly name. Be weary of those who come by the way of the names of the ancients, for the ‘Christed’ ones have not changed their names from the name that they were given at birth.  Every name has a meaning and in every name given at birth by your Earthly parents, is a vibration set in motion by the Motherly and Fatherly Creator. The names of the chosen ring out upon Earth and within the Heavens because they uphold their names in Heaven and on Earth. Those who serve and uphold the truth, uphold their names and the laws of Heaven that reign upon Earth.

The Soul Intention blog is dedicated to those who have the ears to hear Her, and the *eye to see Her.

*third eye – ‘when thy eyes become one.’

Shlama Alakoom’

‘Peace be unto You.’


~Pistis Sophia~